Visa to Ukraine

ukraine-2To visit Ukraine both types: visa-free and visa regime are set up. It depends on the nationality of the visitor. Entry of foreigners to the territory of Ukraine is regulated by the Law of Ukraine On the Legal Status of Foreigners and Stateless Persons, as well as the Rules of foreigners entry and exit to Ukraine. Citizens of some countries need to apply for a visa in advance, according to the purpose of their trip.

Some people get visa when entering, for a number of countries there is a visa-free regime.

To obtain visa need an invitation from a travel company, business partner or a private individual. As a tour operator, we provide travel vouchers for a tourist visa to Ukraine.

The cost of a tourist voucher includes:

—          Filled voucher;

—          Tour program;

—          Booking of air tickets;

—          A guarantee letter from the tour operator of acceptance, accommodation and tourist  support;

A voucher for a tourist visa to Ukraine:

The cost of execution

tourism up to 30 days

 75 euros

The cost of a business invitation includes:

—          Consultations on execution of documents;

—          An invitation in the original according to the requirements of the Consulate;

Invitation for business visa

The cost of execution

business multivisa

450 euros

Necessary documents for registration of the voucher / invitation to Ukraine:

1st page of the foreign passport (copy);

Copies of the previous visas to Ukraine (subject to availability).

Terms of registration of Ukrainian visa:

Travel voucher — 5 days

Business Invitation — 24 days.

Consular fee for visa to Ukraine:

single-entry visa — $ 85

double-entry visa — $ 130

multivisa — $ 200

Additional services during the obtaining a visa to Ukraine:

—          Providing of a list of documents for visa;

—          Consultations on  all visa issues;

—          Design of a  tourist route;

—          Consultations on preparation of the business invitation;

Comprehensive consultation on the formulation of business invitation to Ukraine:

—          Consultation on the formulation of the invitation;

—          Providing a full list of documents for the formulation of the invitation;

—          Filling of all required forms;

—          Payment for the invitations;

—          Record for Filing the documents for the obtaining of invitation

The cost of the consultation complex: 85 euros.

Example of a visa to Ukraine:

Виза в Украину

Example of a tourist voucher:

Ваучер для визы в Украину

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