Voucher for a visa to Ukraine

If you need to come to Ukraine on business or just want to see the country, then you definitely need a voucher for a visa to Ukraine. Get-Visa is glad to help you with this.

You cannot come to Ukraine, if you do not have a voucher that confirms a reservation or purchase of tour. Tourist voucher to Ukraine must be properly compiled. It should be stamped and signed by tour operator. It is required only if the country you want to visit request a visa (the voucher must be submitted together with the documents to obtain a visa).

Visa to Ukraine

When compiling a travel voucher, it’s necessary to make a few copies. One is needed for the transfer guide, who will meet you at the train station or airport (on condition that you need one, and it’s provided by your tour program). Second is required for the hotel as a confirmation of your settlement. The third is always needed to be with you during all your movements outside the hotel.

Tourist voucher to Ukraine provides information about service payments, representative of tour operator and carrier (if they are necessary for you according to your tour).

Get-Visa is a licensed travel agency, and by using our vouchers you’ll definitely get a visa and will be able to visit Ukraine. No matter what city you want to visit, we can make you a voucher to any city of Ukraine, and for any period of time. Price of tourist voucher to Ukraine is 75 euros for the whole period of the tour. It’s much cheaper and easier than book a hotel by your own because only one day at the hotel will cost 30-40 euros.

Call 380442391679 or write info@get-visa.ua and Get-Visa will help you to discover Ukraine and see the new, unexplored places.

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